David Hernadez

David's Graduation

My name is David Hernadez, 


      I was addicted to drugs and living on the streets in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. In August of 2015 Project 180 helped me get into a treatment program in Oakland. This page is about where I am today.

                                                      Thank you Project 180

          On the end we have the President of Teen Challenge Puerto Rico Rodney Hearth. In the middle sits the Director of Promotion Brain Pontier and in the front you have me David Hernandez. We are on the Rock Radio AM Live Show encouraging people and explaining how God can help them break free of addiction. How God can help you in any situation you are currently facing or troubles you are currently in.

Puerto Rico Outreach Event

            Here I am next to William Cruz, Roberto Ibarra, and Angelito the Radio announcer giving my live testimony and answering those who call in. I explained how god has healed me and continues to heal me and how god helps keep me sober and contribute to life in a positive manner.

Christian Bilingual Academy

       Here I am with Chilis on Wheels ministry. On the right is the founder Michelle and her assistant from New York City. They do the same work as Project 180 ministries right here in Puerto Rico. This is one of many organizations I have been working with providing food, clothing, water, flash lights and essentials to those effected by hurricane Maria.