David M / David H

Dear David (Project 180),

     Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself in this letter. I want you to know that I am very grateful for a second chance at life and to know that it’s not over yet. To stop self medicating and be free from the addiction and darkness where I came from is a miracle.

I still remember the first time you answered my phone call. I was rescued rom the evil that was destroying me every second of my life. Thanks to you and Project 180 I have God in my hear today.

I have ben completely sober for over 3 months. Today I know God and feel blessed to get the opportunity to know him more each day. Thank you David and Project 180 for supporting many people like me and helping us out of our addiction.

God bless you and Project 180. Life is not over and together with God we will never fail.

Thank you with all my heart.
David H.

Daryl / Jason

     We first met Daryl living on the streets in San Francisco in the Tenderloin District November of 2014. At that time he was sleeping on two pieces of cardboard and was telling us how excited he was to go pick up a 3rd piece of cardboard that day to make his bed softer. He had been struggling getting his life back together for some time and was drinking daily. We offered to get him off the streets that day, but he was not able to part with the alcohol bottle at that time. I ran into him months later at the Glide Church where I volunteer feeding the less fortunate. I asked him again if he was ready to get off the streets and he replied yes this time. I talked with staff and left the mess hall early to drive Daryl over to the Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond, to get him in there one year treatment program. He was shattered, tired and just exhausted.

      The next day when I called to follow up I was informed that he had been rushed to the hospital. They were not able to inform me of anything else, I did not know if it had been from alcohol withdrawal or something else. Then months went by before I saw him again. At my surprise I ran into him again just like before volunteering at Glide. He looked absolutely great! He told me he had been sober for a few months and that his social security was helping him get a place to live. We are so happy for him and the changes God has been able to make in his life. He was and is very grateful to Project 180 for believing in him, we continue to keep him in our prayers.

David M. / David H.
Daryl / Jason
Victoria / Kelli / Michael

Hello my name is Kelli S.


     I have been at the New Life Dream Center Women’s Division for 8 months. I came into the discipleship program as a broken and spiritually dead woman. I did not trust anyone, but today since I have given my life to Christ I have felt this resurrection power that raised Jesus from dead alive in me. He has showed me that he made me for a purpose and not to just exist. My purpose is to go out and tell people about what Christ has done for me. I will be graduating from the discipleship program in July I now have the joy, peace, and love in my heart.  I have people in my life whom I grown to trust and love.  Now with each new day I have, I know it’s all because of HIM.

God Bless you.

Kelli S.

Victoria / Kelli / Michael
Pito H

My name is Pito Hajduk.


     I was homeless on the streets of San Francisco for two years. I lost my business in  hardwood flooring through circumstances and I got stuck in San Francisco three times. I was beaten up here on the streets, my wallet with my ID and everything was stolen.I was getting food from different feeding places. On Friday, June 21 Project 180 ministries found me laying in my blanket on the streets and they asked if I wanted to leave San Francisco and find a new way of life.  I did not hesitate for a way out. Project 180 found me a shelter and gave me an application for Teen Challenge. They pick me up at the shelter and take me to Teen Challenge and I’m finding new strength and hope for my life and I’m on the right path.


Project 180 continues to stay with me along the way and I thank God for this ministry… Pitt H.

Pito H.