Join our Team

Project 180 Ministries is a 100% volunteer-based outreach ministry.

         I have heard over and over again people complain about the homeless or the drunk on the corner. Then when asked to help or donate to the problem they turn their head. They say, they are adults and have made there decision to live that way why should I help them.

         The truth is there are families that are homeless with young kids in our communities. And at one point these now adults were once young kids themselves. We cannot reach all the troubled and neglected youth in our country, it is just not possible. So what happens when these kids become adults. Many of them end up homeless and addicted to drugs.

         Remember adults are just the forgotten children, the ones we were not able to reach.

There are a number of ways you can help us.

Here is a list of positions we have available.

  • Attorney / Consultant

  • Accountant / Book keeper

  • Website Designer

  • Marketing Director

  • Public Relations

We meet once a month and all positions usually take only a few hours a week. However, how much time you put in is up to you.

         If you have talents in other areas please feel free to reach out to us, there are plenty of ways to help, such as putting together gift bags and numerous other ways. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to give back to life, please e-mail us at