• You help build a pathway in someone’s life, most which have been striking with poverty and despair to having meaning and purpose.


  • You make a difference in someone’s life, which also makes a difference in the community by strengthen it and growing lasting relationships.


  • With your support, we are able to transition those who are willing into a safe and stable environment where they are shown how to recover and succeed.

  • With your donation, we can continue to carry love and hope to broken families who feel society has given up on them.

  • We are all volunteers. No one gets any compensation, meaning 100% of your donations go directly to those in needs.

  • Your gifts help us maintain our costs to transport those in need to recovery homes and treatment centers to get the help they need to become productive members of society again.

  • Giving is easy...Make a donation, volunteer at one of our outreaches. Get involved by holding clothing drives, carwashes, and spreading awareness.

  • You become a Leader in the community, setting the example of how to truly help others and give back. Planned gifts support our mission to end homelessness and build stronger relations to those less fortunate.

Why Support Project 180 Ministries

The answer is simple,